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Here's proof.. 
04:12pm 22/05/2005
  George and Paul also went to prom on Friday...

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Hail king Paul! 
03:52pm 18/05/2005
  It is a little known fact that Paul and George went to their senior prom as each others date.

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crazy, huh?

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fun quiz! 
04:24pm 14/07/2004
mood: quixotic

which one of your LJ friends loves you
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enough to be friends cinnamoncider
hates you to death trixierio
has a crush nelly_bly
loves you SO much grey_eyes11
dreams of haveing sex with you withjezos
wants to marry you withjezos
This QuickKwiz by someone_lover - Taken 9631 Times.
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You Say Goodbye, And I Say Hello. 
12:43am 07/07/2004
mood: good
Hi guys!
I feel that I've neglected my duties here in our Chemistreatles community. I hope you both are having wonderful summers so far and your 4ths were good. We should really try and hang out at some point.

Talk to you soon!

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Octopus Gardens 
10:27am 17/06/2004
  wow this looks SO cool now
major props to whoever did this
and you did kwizzeys hahaha
you should make our friends page "chinee penny"
man o man
its a shame we wont have the same classes together
but thats why we got this

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Come Together 
10:52pm 16/06/2004
  I'm so happy that we never have Rivas again.
But if I had to suffer through it with anyone, I'm glad it was you two.
I had so much fun with both of you and that's the one reason I'm sad it's over.
I don't think I said it enough before, but I think both of you are completely wonderful and I'm really glad we've become friends. We have to continue to be the greatest foursome of all time and we must hang out this summer.
I'll talk to you soon.


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All You Need Is Love 
03:18pm 14/06/2004
mood: excited
I figure that if we're going to have this community, I might as well post in it. I would just feel terrible if I neglected this brand new little journal. So here I am, post, post, posting away. I hope everyones' finals went smoothly and good luck tomorrow as well.
I don't quite know why Jack hasn't become involved in this community. The Beatles were a foursome, and if we are going to truly embody them we need to have a John.
Anyway, this was great fun. I'll post again in the near future, but you boys need to do your parts too! Because I get easily attached to livejournal and I don't want to be the only one posting for your viewing enjoyment.
I'll see you tomorrow.


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Inagural Address 
09:41pm 10/06/2004
  Ok so this is how its gonna work
i made gonna make it so we all have complete and equal control over everything
but we all gotta keep posting
i know im gonna be posting in this alot more than my acutal journal
im mean who wouldnt want to read posts in a community with jack cody amy AND phil?
peeps gots to be curious
anyway lets keep this alive as long as it got to be
peace out

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